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Breath Coaching for Stress & Anxiety

Most people are stuck on auto-pilot and getting bounced around by their environment. By the end of the day they are wired but tired, frazzled, and unbalanced. You need a little education and a handful of easy-to-learn breath techniques so you can put all that behind you.


Breathwork provides many of the same benefits of meditation, is easy to learn, and you can do it anywhere and at anytime. 

In this four part coaching package we demystify what people are talking about when they tell you to "Just Breathe" and focus on real-world science and results. You then learn to:

  • BALANCE your nerves and steady your mood anytime

  • CRUSH STRESS and anxiety and sleep better

  • WAKE UP and ENERGIZE yourself naturally

We will meet once a week for a 30 minute Session for four consecutive weeks. (A total of two hours.)  Between sessions we will do check-ins and Q&A as needed by WhatsApp.

If you are dealing with Anxiety, Stress, or Burnout of any kind you absolutely need this training. 

Breath Coaching is currently only available as part of the Enlivening or Becoming packages.


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